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Contact & Organisation
Contact & Organisation
ArtGenda Network Secretariat

Kathrine Winkelhorn
Enighedsvej 26
2920 Charlottenlund
Tel +45 39 63 83 71
Fax +45 39 64 28 90
E-mail catwin@get2net.dk

Trevor Davies
c/o Copenhagen Interntaional Theatre
Vestergade 5
1456 København K
Tel +45 33 15 15 64
Fax +45 33 32 81 82
E-mail info@kit.dk

ArtGenda Biennial 2002 Hamburg
Antje Mittelberg
Kulturbehörde, Hohe Bleichen 22
D-20354 Hamburg
Tel +49 40 34890 278
Fax +49 40 34890 287
Email antje.mittelberg@kb.hamburg.de

The Members of ArtGenda
As from 2000 17 cities are participating in the ArtGenda biennial and are members of the network. The following 17 cities are now participating in the ArtGenda project:

Aarhus, Pia Buchardt
Copenhagen, Elisabeth Delin Hansen
Gdansk, Eva Ostrowska
Göteborg, Christina Hjort
Hamburg, Antje Mittelberg
Helsinki, Bo Karsten
Malmø, Eva Klammeus
Riga, Gundega Cebere
Rostock, Thomas Werner
St. Petersborg, Nathalie Strougova
Stockholm, Karin Markensten
Szczecin, Slawomir Szafranski
Tallin, Helene Tedre
Vilnius, Evaldas Stankevicius

18 city coordinators are responsible for the overall co-ordination of ArtGenda and meet twice annually. The city co-ordinators are key persons in the project as they have direct contacts with the artists, with the cultural institutions and with the cultural departments in the cities. Some of the city co-ordinators are independent, whilst in other cities they work with the city’s department of cultural affairs.

sabine Martens
Each city has established a committee of experts in order to select the programme for ArtGenda. These networks have also been valuable in creating a local network in many cities, which allows contact and discussion across the arts sectors. More than 200 experts (professional artists, critics, heads of educational institutions etc.) have been actually actively involved in the project. These committees are in many cases also engaged in local projects with young artist as a result direct result of the ArtGenda initiative.

The cities co-finance the biennial by supporting the programme from their own city, including preparation and travel. The budget for the individual cities vary from 15,000 euro to 60,000 euro, totalling some 600,000 euro for each biennial.

The host city of the biennial is responsible for the production and for the local financing of the biennial. For Helsinki 2000 this was managed by an independent producer in collaboration with Helsinki 2000. The Hamburg, The Ministry of Culture is taking on the overall responsibility in collaboration with a number of cultural institutions in Hamburg. Most local costs for the biennial are covered by the host organisation, including technical and practical expenses, publicity and information as well as all costs for the participating artists during the biennial. The budget for Copenhagen ’96 and Stockholm ’98 was around 1 million euro, and the budget for Helsinki was around 750.00 euro.

A permanent international secretariat has been established in Copenhagen by the two founding members of ArtGenda, Trevor Davies and Kathrine Winkelhorn. The secretariat will develop an information archive of ArtGenda activities, a data base of artists and institutions related to ArtGenda. Further the secretariat will represent ArtGenda internationally and manage a series of independent actions and programmes as well as supporting the cities and the host city in connection with the biennial.

Nordisk Kulturfond has supported the establishment of the network and the secretariat in 1998/99 and is supporting the activities of the network in initial phase of development.

The Danish Cultural Instistute has supported the ArtGenda Summer School in Copenhagen.

Sabine Martens